2013 December 11


You can stream Burial’s ‘Rival Dealer’ EP in full!

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What is Energia

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Energy is our essence, it Is what made us and it is it is what we are made of, constant changing energy. Albert Einstein is quoted as “ Everything is energy and that s all there is to it,..” Energy is our everything, it’s our purpose , our drive, our reason to be. You can look at it physically and see how energy dominates our world, and in turn our inner focus is lessened due to outside influences. Look at it metaphysically, its all about getting “amped up” it’s all about controlling your thoughts and actions, which is movement in mind and or body which in turn is energy exerted. Energy is healing or destructive, in martial arts or healing arts, in positive/negative thought and intention. When there is change in life, energy is expended. Not changing your life also expends energy but it’s energy that is stored and wasted potential. There is energy in our food and in the sun to nourish us. So we are created with energy, which cannot be created or destroyed. We have to learn to amplify our energy and improve our way of living, learn to control our energy.

I often prefer to use the word #Energia instead of energy, and it just makes me feel better when I say energia instead of energy and it means the same thing. The word energia flows and I feel that it flows within us like water, some call it life force others call it Qi. The Qi or energia we have inside us is under our control, we can bring it up or bring it down. So in other words our moods our feelings are all influenced by way of thought, behavior, nutrition, interaction and movement (Energia Elements). I believe very strongly that these elements improved my life and the lives of the people around me because we started paying attention to them. These elements combined make us who we are, but we are the rulers of our destiny so we decide the course, the energy is in our hands.

There are different ways of increasing your energy
By taking a closer look at your nutrition and taking the time out to learn about nutrition, the internet is a wonderful learning tool to enhance your understanding of what you’re consuming. The quick fixes do not work and just mask what your body really needs, which is real food. Real food provides real energy, not man made but by the purest form of energy, our planet. Move your body daily and do some things that are new, based on education and fun! Get your endorphins flowing through movement and laughter do something outside of your comfort zone! Have a group of friends and family you can build and depend on and let them know they can expect the same from you, amplify your energia together!

Excellence requires and open mind, amplify your ENERGIA!