I am made of energy and want to share it with the world, I speak Dutch, English Portuguese, Spanish. Worked and trained with kids and teens all my life. I play Basketball, Volleyball, horseback ride, soccer, football. I am an athlete who loves to share knowledge, a motivator extraordinaire. I have helped a lot of women lose and keep weight. I have trained and been around celebs all my life, it’s nothing new but I train anyone anywhere and anytime .

My clients are predominantly female and coming from a family with mostly women I am proud to learn more and more about the people who give life! I empower the clients I have through bodyweight training and educating while I teach so it’s not numb mindless training. I believe that memories are engrained through pleasure and pain. I’m more favorable to the pleasure part so we PLAY and have FUN in our classes. Learn how to move your body before you move weight, establish a connection between mind and body to enhance neuromuscular pathways. We have to be in full control of our bodies before we started loading it with external product that doesn’t involve bodyweight. Have an open mind towards training since it will open your mind in life. Play is widely associated to toys and product but before the 1950’s Play was associated with having fun in a social setting or by yourself with oneself and the environment we are in.

I train the areas I need the most work in, I enjoy bodyweight training and often wish I could do this on a larger scale since we are still doing seated presses in our fitness society. I thrive in groups and believe that the energy we harness can’t be created or destroyed, it’s already there so we have to teach and learn how to amplify this energy. I train with tenacity and passion while remaining in control and adding grace and authenticity to each play session.